Polishing is an essential part of the stone fabricating process and one that we take very seriously, which is why our range of diamond stone polishing pads, polishing tools, equipment, consumables and accessories is one of our most comprehensive. We offer a large range for every job, application, material or personal preference and for ease, we have broken down our range into Wet Polishing pads, Wet or Dry Polishing, Dry Diamond Polishing, Edge Polishing, Electroface, Texturing & Hand Polishing Accessories, Polishing Drums, Carborundum Wheels, Sanding & Silicone Carbide, Backing Pads and Surface Polishing. 
You will find diamond polishing pads in stone fabricators across the world, high quality is absolutely essential in making sure that the integrity of the finished product is perfect. It’s important to not settle for second best when choosing your stone polishing equipment. If you are looking for a polishing pad or a backing pad, we have a great range of products designed to get the job done. 
Each and every one of our diamond polishing pads & products undergo extensive research and development before they are launched and you can expect exceptional build quality, the best quality diamond, superb chemical bonds and overall better life and finished product. Ensuring we give our customers the very best value for money is essential – you can rest assured knowing that all polishing products from Stonegate have your workshop firmly in mind.