One Time Setup

Optimo one time setup is for those who want a simple calibration service that delivers total precision and increased efficiency to their CNC profiling operations.

Quick Set Up

As a stone fabricator, you need your machines to be operating at their best to produce quality products as quickly as possible. With Optimo one time setup, you can feel confident that your operators can work with minimal downtime and that machines will deliver the perfect finish.

Why Choose Optimo One Time Setup?

Being confident in your CNC tooling configuration and setup is key; without the right setup data you cannot guarantee the performance or finish you need. Optimo is intended to streamline the setup process, maximise the life of your tools and speed up your machining through careful and scientific tool analysis.

How Optimo One Time Setup Works

You can send your tools directly to Stonegate HQ where they’ll be received by our expert team. Each tool will be analysed using our optical measuring device, we’ll perform 360-degree scanning to create a 3D model of each tool. We’ll use a library of selected tests and reports to generate precise data and measurements that will enable seamless setup, improved performance and enhanced lifespan.

With our analysis complete, we’ll return your tools to you through secure postage, alongside the data you need for your optimised machine setup. You can begin using your tools right away, installing them at your earliest convenience. Alternatively, we can visit you on-site to work alongside your technicians during setup to ensure things go smoothly.

You’ll enjoy all the benefits of finely tuned CNC machining, with working speed increased by up to 30% and tool life improved by up to 20%.

To find out more about our Optimo One Time Setup, just contact (+44) 1482 620400 or [email protected].

For those interested in regular tool calibration, you may want to consider an Optimo subscription.