CNC Tools

Stonegate is the market leader for CNC tooling and parts for stone in the UK and your CNC tooling specialists.

Our experience and expertise working in the stone industry mean we can offer high-quality, professional products which are built to last; as well as the advice, support and guidance which our customers need to succeed and get the most from their fabrication.
We work with each and every CNC manufacturer means we get the inside knowledge as to what’s best for your machinery. Stonegate tools come recommended by your manufacturer and we’re the only place you can find the valuable products and knowledge you need. Your CNC machine is the heart of your production, which is why we only provide the best tools possible – helping you to stay operational and efficient. 
We can’t emphasise enough the importance of quality CNC tools to your business. Not only does it make a big impact on production time and cost, but it also affects things like safety in the workplace. If you’re looking for an expert opinion about designing or choosing the correct tooling and parts for your machine, please get in touch and speak to one of our stone fabrication experts today.
Our Range Of CNC Tooling
Our range of CNC tooling includes the best quality CNC Routers, Recess & Fluting Wheels, Engraving Tools, Profile Wheels, Manual Machines and Cones & Suction Cups for all CNC applications including, cutting, drilling, grinding, profiling & polishing all types of both natural and engineered stone. If you’re looking for the best quality tooling for your CNC machining, look no further than Stonegate Precision Tooling.