Chemicals & Adhesives

With a large selection of the high-quality chemicals & adhesives for stone, specifically chosen for their application and use within the stone industry. Stonegate is your supplier of choice for products to treatprotect, enhance, clean and restore all kinds of natural and engineered stone surfaces and can be used both in the workshop and for home applications. Ensuring that the stone surface is cleaned and polished is a vital finishing touch when fabricating stone – our specialist chemicals with their quality composition makes this work simpler and easier. We pride ourselves on only stocking brands we trust which is why you will see names like 3M, Federchemicals, Inca, Soudal, Akemi Repairlux, Seam-It and Otto (you can view a more comprehensive list of the brands we stock here). Our comprehensive range of chemicals & adhesives comprises of Polish Powders, Polish, Waxes, Silicones, Adhesives & Fillers, Cleaners & Stain Removers, Sealers, Colour Intensifiers and Repair Kits.
If you’re fabricating DEKTON then we have the Cosentino approved and recommended Seam-It range of stone adhesive. Seam-It is the superior choice glue for marble, granite, natural stone as well as specialist surfaces DEKTON, Neolith & Lapitec – you can also count on our knowledge and expertise to advise on the best application of the products we supply. Rest assured that with our superb range of products and knowledge we have everything you need to ensure success.