Bridge Saw Blades

When you are cutting stone, it is vital to have the right tool for the job, creating a high quality, professional finish time after time.
A high-quality, diamond bridge saw blade is vital when cutting stone on a bridge saw machine. Here at Stonegate Tooling, we stock a variety of bridge saw blades from the world’s best brands in a whole host of different sizes to suit your needs.
Our team of stone fabrication experts will guide you through buying the perfect bridge saw blade to match whatever type of stone you will be cutting. We will work closely with you to ensure that you order the right size for your machine and you know exactly how to install the blade once it has been delivered.nWe also have a great range of other stone cutting tools, from CNC tools including CNC routers and Core Drills, through to power tools which are perfect for stone cutting such as angle grinders, polishers and saws.