Power Tools

Stonegate offers a range of power tools specifically tailored for the high demands of the stone industry. Stonegate Precision Tooling is your number one choice for the world’s most renowned and toughest power tool brands including Flex, Makita, Fein and Storma.
Our comprehensive range of power tools includes Angle Grinders, Polishers, Air Tools, Saws, Vacuums & Dust Removal, Accessories and Spares and covers a variety of applications from cutting and carving to polishing and engraving.
Rest assured that our equipment is up to the job with reliable brands, high stock levels and ongoing support. Our team are always happy to help and can advise on the best tool for the job should you be unsure.
Fabricators far and wide are taking advantage of our great range of workshop tools and the quality of our tools is guaranteed thanks to our 30-day, risk-free guarantee. If you’re not totally satisfied with your tools, simply get in touch and we can make it right. Our range of Air Tools are a ‘Fabricators Favourite’ and with few working parts means easy maintenance and amazing life.
Properly caring for your tools is vital to keep them in proper working order, any equipment used wet should be properly drained after use and lubricated well to keep the moving parts at their best. When you purchase products from us, we are always on hand to provide you with the help and technical support required to get the most out of our great products whether you are buying stone cutting tools such as our great range of blades or CNC tools such as OPTIMO