Stone Sealants & Colour Intensifiers

Here at Stonegate Tooling, we have an extensive range of stone sealers and stone colour intensifiers for you to choose from to achieve the excellent results you are after. Designed with protection and the ideal finish in mind, our stone sealants and colour intensifiers come in a wide range to ensure all types of stone can be worked on efficiently and professionally.nNatural stone may need sealing to improve durability and make the stone more resistant to staining from liquid spills or water splashes. This is particularly important when fitting kitchen countertops, where it is more important for many natural stones to be repellant to liquid stains which can easily occur in kitchens, especially around sinks.

Often these stone sealers are absorbed into the stone without changing the appearance of the stone itself. However, some stone sealers, called topical sealers, sit on the surface of the stone. These sealents can also offer some protection against scrapes and abrasions as they offer a thin film on the surface of the stone worktop.nWhilst man-made stone such as Quartz, doesn’t require sealing, if you have a Quartzite countertop for example, its important to seal worktops regularly with a stone sealant such as StoneCHEM Safeguard, to keep them looking their best.nIf you need a hand choosing the right stone sealer or colour intensifier to get the job done, then our team of experts are on hand to help! We can guide you through choosing the most suitable chemical for the job and will talk you through how to get the best finish from your stone.