Profile Rental

Optimo’s profile rental is the ideal solution for those who want access to specific CNC tooling solutions without the commitment of a full purchase.

Lease with Stonegate

You can lease your profiles directly from Stonegate, including the full Optimo setup treatment. We’ll pre-analyse every tool you need and provide all the necessary measurements and data for a plug and play experience.

Why Rent Your Profiles with Optimo?

With a wide range of profile choices immediately available, Optimo’s profile rental offers maximum flexibility and responsiveness to stone fabricators and their customers. You can respond to the evolving trends of the market, gauge the popularity of different profiles, or test a specific tool before committing to a costly tool investment.

To find out more about Optimo Rental, just contact (+44) 1482 620400 or [email protected] or download our useful guide below.

Our Rental Profile Range

How Profile Rental Works

We price our profile rental according to many linear metres you need to machine. When you first contact our helpful team, we’ll walk you through profile options and meterage requirements to ensure you’re getting the right tool at the correct price.

Once we’ve identified the correct tool and meterage, we’ll prepare your items using the Optimo process. Each tool will receive a complete 3D scan and analysis to ensure we supply you with the data that allows for seamless setup and operation.

You’ll receive your profiles through secure postage for installation at your earliest convenience. Alternatively, we can visit you on-site to work alongside your CNC operator for a stress-free first-time installation.

When your project is complete and your perfect profile machined, you can return your tool directly to Stonegate HQ. We’ll be on hand to discuss future rentals or requirements.

Prices for Rental

Delivery and collection of your tools in a safe travel case is included!

Marble, Granite & Engineered Stone One-Off standard charge

  • up to 10 Linear Metres
  • £28/LM thereafter

Natural Quartzite & UCS Materials One-Off standard charge

  • up to 10 Linear Metres
  • £32/LM thereafter

Please note that a cancellation charge of £75 is applicable if tools have already been delivered but are no longer required.

An additional surcharge of £100 per week is applicable for rentals lasting longer than the initial week.