About Us

Get to know us, how we work and how we can help you.

Stonegate Tooling is the UK’s most trusted ‘go to’ partner for all aspects of stone fabrication, consistently delivering carefully chosen, and tested, solutions enabling independent stone fabricators to create stonework perfection.

With our unique field-based, account management team and technical team with their wealth of hands-on experience of the machines, tooling and processes in daily use, we have the insights into the problems the industry suffers from and are best placed to deliver the innovative services and solutions which will not only solve them, but revolutionise your business.

Just some of the solutions and services we’re being trusted by others to deliver;

With our passion for stone, and keeping the industry moving forwards, if you want to transform your business then give yourself that cutting edge and trust Stonegate to deliver for you.

Our Team

Our team is highly trained and passionate about delivering true value to our customers in each area of the business they work within. We work hard, but take the time each day to celebrate both team and individual successes, making sure also to recognise and support those of the team who aren’t having such a good day.

We have an open and honest working environment at Stonegate and believe in working in the same manner with our customers and suppliers alike. Each of our team is supportive by nature and knows how the role they fulfil fits into the wider

Stonegate goals, so we work hard, but we take the time each day to celebrate both team and individual successes. Some days may be harder for some than others, and as a team we make sure we support each other to help get the job done, orders fulfilled, or simply be there with a mug of tea and a comforting word.

A mission built on people and culture

We are passionate about both the industry as a whole and our customers’ businesses. We stand for empowering our customers to grow their business and create beautiful stonework, time and time again.

Our Values


Do it

GSD. Get stuff done. We do what we say we’re going to. Solve challenges, be a finisher, work hard. Let success be the noise.

Industry experts

We train to become the experts in our field. But we don’t stop there – everybody loves a ‘go to’ person. “The more you sweat in training, the less you bleed in battle.’


Adore what you do

We put a passion into everything we do. We adore our work and it shows in the results.


Maximum effort

Good things never come from operating in comfort zones. “We must get comfortable getting uncomfortable.”


Onward together

Alone we can do so little. Together we can achieve so much. We back each other and celebrate successes.


Nurturing each other

Synergy is greater than the sum of its parts. Our collective knowledge is the best in the industry and we share it.

Doing the right thing

Do the right thing, even when nobody is looking. Trust is everything. Without trust, we have nothing.

How We Work


Working collaboratively is key to the way in which we do business. We need to speak your language, keep on top of changes within the sector, be technically minded and be there to help you in any way we can; keeping our customers in business is part of what pushes us to excel.


The cornerstone of our business is trust. Every member of the team is employed based on their ability to perform well and be trusted to make key decisions in a professional and capable way.

Our customers come to us for advice and guidance, we’re not like your average supplier, and, in that sense, we need to have the technical knowledge to responsibly dispense advice and ensure we keep our customers in business.

Constant Innovation

Our industry is demanding, not only do fashions change and your customer demands more technical surfaces for their kitchens, both inside and out, but stone suppliers advance the market with new materials and we work hard to bring you products which can cope with all of it.

Our product development isn’t always about the ‘new’ but helping you reduce your downtime, increase your efficiencies, including increasing your tool life and of course getting those perfect finishes first time, every time.

Work Environment, Support & Wellness

We’re passionate about creating a working environment that works for everyone. We encourage working flexibility, getting out and interacting with our products in our testing workshop, enjoying our breakout areas or simply taking a break by using the gym or playing some table tennis.

We support our staff both at work and home and it’s a mission of ours to ensure that each member of the team is happy and healthy – even to the extent of making sure everyone gets a lovely lunch!

History of Stonegate

Alpina - 1985
Stonegate Set Up

Original business started by Peter Hazell selling car panels.

2000 - Westmoreland Street
Tile Saws and More

Moved into selling tile saws and floor preparation machines to hire shops. This developed into selling a wider range of products to flooring companies.

Expansion to Granite Worktop Fabricators

Graham Hazell, Peter’s brother, joined the business and the decision was made to start selling tools and consumables to granite worktop fabricators, as well as floor grinding and polishing to flooring contractors. The sales to stone worktop fabricators took off and focus was concentrated on this market.

2007 - ODP
First Consignment Stock

First ODP consignment stock cupboard was installed at Barty Spoor M&G in Newcastle.

2008 - CNC tools on machine
CNC Tooling

Stonegate officially entered into the CNC tooling market.

2012 - Old logo
A New Brand

First logo rebrand – changed from the 3 blades version to the diamond we know today.

2013 - Melton House
Move to Melton

Move to Melton House. The beginning of a real period of ambitious growth for Stonegate, at this point the team consisted of 13 members.

2017 - Natural Stone Show
Brand Development & Exhibitions

Second significant corporate rebrand and first exhibition at The Natural Stone Show – a real statement of intent.

2019 - OPTIMO
OPTIMO is Launched

OPTIMO service launched, setting Stonegate apart from the competition and making us more than just a tooling supplier – we are a solutions partner.

2019 - Technical Team
Building our Team

We launched our Technical arm of the business – building a team of trained, skilled stone fabricators, with over 20 years’ experience in the industry, to allow us to deliver the best support and advice for our customers.

2021 - Ireland
Ireland Sales

Permanent Irish sales team started in January.

2023 - Stonegate House
More Growth!

Stonegate rebrand to reflect our position as the market leader and innovator in the UK, and move to 42,000 square foot facility Stonegate House. We also launched the Innovation Hub, the most advanced state-of-the art technical centre in the industry.