Optimo is the service that will ensure your CNC tools are calibrated to perform with unrivalled accuracy and efficiency.

If you are using CNC tools for stone fabrication and cutting you understand the importance of setting up your CNC profiling tools accurately to ensure perfect results time after time. OPTIMO, powered by Zares® technology, is a service designed to not only ensure your CNC profiling tools are measured with unrivalled accuracy but also means you can:

  • Increase the speed of your CNC machines to run up to 9m a minute
  • Increase the speed of your stone tooling by up to 30%
  • Reduce CNC machine set up (and reduce downtime) from 4 hours to 15 minutes
  • Increase the lifespan of your stone tooling by 20%
  • Create a high-quality polish faster than ever across a range of stone types
  • Increase efficiencies away from the machine, significantly reducing hand finishing
  • Release the full potential of your CNC machinery

OPTIMO uses the patented Zares® machine and software for tools measuring and toolsets management, administred and facilitated by a dedicated team of Stonegate technical experts. If you work closely with CNC tools, either as a CNC operator or CNC engineer then OPTIMO can save you time and improve accuracy for your tool setup. If you operate CNC machines find out how OPTIMO can help you today.

Reduced Machine Downtime

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CNC configuration can take up to 4 hours. With Optimo, you can copy across a set of predefined measurements in under 15 minutes - less downtime, less room for human error and fewer tools damaged during setup.

Increased Machine Speed

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CNC tools can be the bottleneck for the rest of your fabrication project, costing you time and money. When you configure your machine with Optimo, you can run it at the speed the manufacturer intended. Our customers often see speed increases of up to 30%.

Improved Finish

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Optimo allows you to get the best finish every time. Improved machine accuracy means you can be sure that you’ll get the right cut the first time, removing the need for multiple passes. Say goodbye to hand finishing your edges for the perfect result.

Tool Life

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Optimo’s improved efficiency can extend the life of your CNC tools by up to 20%. By minimising the number of passes required and improving tool maintenance, you can save money by keeping your tools in service for longer.

Why Optimo?

As a stone fabricator, you understand the critical nature of correct tool configuration. You expect your profiling machines to deliver a precise result every time, relying on them to reflect the quality of your business’ craftsmanship.

To deliver the results you need, Optimo uses a suite of analysis tools to measure each tool to within a single micron, generating bespoke recommendations for machine setup and operation.

Who is Optimo for?

Optimo is intended for stone fabricators and stone product suppliers who want top-tier performance from their CNC machines. Whether you’re looking to optimise your existing tooling or bring additional functionality in-house through our profile rental service, we can provide you with a solution that will deliver beautiful finishes in record time.

Optimo Service Options

Optimo has 3 simple options:

One Time Setup

  • Simple calibration service
  • Minimal downtime
  • 30% increase in speed
  • Tool life improved by up to 20%

Subscription Setup

  • Extensive diagnostics on CNC
  • Drive efficiency
  • Maximise CNC uptime
  • Includes an audit of your CNC set up

Profile Rental

  • No commitment
  • Specific CNC tooling solutions
  • Maximum flexibility
  • Wide range of profile choices available

Zares® Stone Tools Management System

Zares® is a 3D Optical CNC TOOL Measuring system designed to help eliminate machine downtime, increase speed, improve efficiency and extend tool life. The Zares machine and accompanying software for tools measuring and toolsets management are available to purchase from Stonegate. They enable you to take control of your tool management and optimise your working process, while improving the quality of your work.

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