Introducing: Stonegate Exclusive S Tape

Introducing the new Stonegate exclusive S Tape!

We’re big on constantly developing and improving products here at Stonegate, in order to make your job easier, quicker and better! The latest product on this journey is S Tape – developed in collaboration with specialist suppliers, this really is a gaffer tape with the wow factor! Read on to find out just what makes it stand out from the crowd…

Unmatched adhesion, no mark

S-Tape’s tough grip makes it perfect for any job, not only in the stone and glass industries, but also woodworking, construction or just general repairs. It can be left on stone surfaces for up to 6 months and leaves no residue – regardless of the weather conditions it’s left in! It can also be reused, even if it’s crumpled or creased, reducing wastage. The unrivalled durability of this tape makes it the perfect solution for any fitter or fabricator, builder, installer or handyman.

It’s super strong & stretch free

S Tape’s unbeatable strength puts any other gaffer tape to shame! Made up of 4 layers, S Tape features a patented combination of solvent acrylic adhesive with an advanced backing substrate, making it super strong! However, although it’s strong, it’s gentle on natural stone and other sensitive materials. It’s also totally stretch free, so it’s perfect for things like securing mitred waterfall edges hassle-free.

You can write on it

Writing on your tape can save you so much bother, but what if it fades? Fear not – on S-Tape, you can use ball point pen, permanent marker, china marker, and more. Perfect for stone fabrication – label and organise your jobs and products with S-Tape – gone are the days of mix ups and confusion! It’s also great for marking out cutting lines on stone without the risk of marking the actual stone, and its bright colour makes it super easy to see!

Tear it by hand

Forget using blades or trying to tear by hand and ending up with a long, stretched mess of tape – another thing we really love about S Tape is how it tears off perfectly straight. Developed with serrated edges to achieve a clean, straight and easy tear both horizontally and vertically – making your job more efficient and eliminating all unnecessary waste.

It’s weatherproof

One of the things we love most about S Tape is how well it works in all weather and working conditions. With the ability to withstand temperatures from -40°C up to 93°C, it’s ideal for fabricators as it won’t become unstuck when the Great British wet weather strikes, or faded, should we ever get any bright sunlight!

Head online to purchase yours now (it’s available as a single roll or as a case of 30 rolls): Or, drop us a message on [email protected], or give us a call on 01482 620 400 for more information – we’ll be happy to help!