Status Infinity

Introducing an all-new range of profile tools, tried and tested to run faster than ever on natural stone, engineered stone, porcelain, ceramic and UCS materials!

Ultimate shine and speeds of up to 7000mm per minute – this is Infinity on another level!

We’ve developed Status Infinity using feedback from our fabricators, to help your factory optimise efficiency and maximise profit. These super-accurate tools only need to be run once and give a perfectly smooth finish – eliminating the need for time-consuming hand finishing!

Offer your customer the luxury of choice with the wide variety of profiles available in the Status Infinity range. From bullnose to triple pencil and much more – whatever the trend, you can deliver. Better still, Status Infinity tools can be used on all materials. Achieve the same speeds on harder materials like porcelain, ceramic and UCS as on engineered stone.

For absolute efficiency and finish, pair Status Infinity tools with our Optimo set-up service.